Homes for Sale

next to Story Mill Community Park

Interested in owning a home at Bridger View?

You’re in the right place to learn about the Bridger View lifestyle. 

  • New, well-built homes in a desirable location near trails and parks. 
  • A thoughtfully designed neighborhood where you can safely walk or bike. 
  • A community built for the future, utilizing all-electric heating, durable materials, and energy efficient appliances.  Homes are super insulated and ready for solar.

Live your values at Bridger View

Saving money while also going lighter on the environment matters to you.

Given the opportunity, you’d choose a home that reduces your energy and water bills and conserves precious resources. You’d like the option to walk and bike to work or play. You like knowing that when it rains, runoff from your street is naturally filtered and clean before it hits the river. You appreciate benefits of redevelopment instead of sprawl. And you’d like to know your neighbors and can relate to their appreciation of parks and trails right out your front door.

You’ll be right at home at Bridger View!

Phase I homes now available through ERA Landmark Realty and Headwaters Community Housing Trust.

Come see Bozeman’s highly anticipated neighborhood next to Story Mill Community Park. Watch our videos and learn about the design of the neighborhood and homes. See what’s possible.

Interested in owning a home at Bridger View?