A Beloved Path Reopens

Dec 9, 2021

Construction workers pouring concrete Bridger View Drive pathway

Community assets enrich the lives of residents and deserve special care and investment. That’s why crews building the Bridger View neighborhood poured so much energy into a narrow, two-block stretch of tree-lined pathway along Bridger View Drive since last Spring.

In simple terms, their task was to install a dozen water and sewer pipes beneath the “Path to the M” to connect the neighborhood to city mains. But their grander endeavor—on behalf of thousands of walkers, joggers and bicyclists and the vibrancy of Bozeman—has been to preserve mature spruce trees that dampen traffic noise and enlarge the ambience of Story Mill Community Park for everyone who enjoys the path.

As snow began falling, the crews celebrated accomplishment. A new-and-improved section of the beloved path is finished and open to the public. Its smooth concrete awaits bike tires, stroller wheels and cavalcades of trail users. The spruce trees live on, enhancing the path for all who pass by.

The Bridger View Team extends heartfelt thanks to Bozeman residents for their patience as this work was completed!

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