A Welcoming Neighborhood

Jan 13, 2022

With each passing week, the vision guiding construction of an approachable, friendly, energy-efficient neighborhood next to Story Mill Community Park is coming more vividly to life. If you have strolled or driven by in recent weeks, you have seen homes with simple forms echoing Bozeman’s pre-1940’s neighborhoods. You’ve seen the outlines of streetscapes and shared greenspaces designed to bring neighbors together. And perhaps you’ve read: of Bridger View’s 62 homes, 31 will be priced considerably below market prices, offering a home-ownership option to qualifying working residents increasingly challenged by Bozeman’s ballooning housing costs.

Map of bridger view neighborhood layout
Map of bridger view neighborhood layout

As you browse these site plans, picture a diverse community of neighbors with varied income levels, different backgrounds, and in various stages of life. Bridger View’s 31 market-rate homes will be indistinguishable from homes offered at below-market prices. Neighbors will enjoy a variety of shared amenities including three courtyards, a common house, bike storage and sheds for gardening tools.

Interested in owning a home at Bridger View?