A Community Housing Trust works for Bridger View by preserving affordability and quality of the neighborhood.

The Headwaters Community Housing Trust was recently established with the sole focus to increase and preserve the local supply of permanently affordable housing – including for “missing middle-income” households – here in Bozeman. The Headwaters Community Housing Trust (HCHT) is a community-based nonprofit organization, governed by a board of directors that is representative of the Bozeman community.

In the Bridger View, HCHT will ensure that all 31 homes, spread throughout the development, are initially made affordable, marketed and sold to households that cannot afford to purchase and own a home of their own in Bozeman; that these homes will be well-cared-for and maintained; that homeowner households will have access to resources and services they may need in their efforts to remain successful as neighbors and as homeowners; and that, whenever a Headwaters Community Housing Trust home is resold, the homeowner/seller household will be able to keep all of their equity plus a limited appreciation return while keeping the resulting purchase price of the home affordable for purchase by a future Bozeman working family, without requiring any additional public sector or private sector affordability assistance, for generations to come.

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