What is the timeline for building Bridger View?

We broke ground in April and crews focused first on installing utilities to the neighborhood site. Vertical construction on the homes will become visible starting this summer. The 62 homes will be built in three phases, approximately 20 at a time, with the first homes finished and ready for sale in Spring 2022.

What is the difference between the market-rate and below-market-price homes?

The floor plans, finishes, and amenities of the market-rate and below-market-price homes are exactly the same. Each owner of a market-rate home will be able to sell their home for whatever price the market will support. Each owner of a below-market-price home will be able to sell their home at a price that caps appreciation. They will be able to keep all of the equity they earn by paying down their mortgage balance, plus a percentage of the increase in the price of their home. This arrangement ensures the home remains affordable from one homeowner to the next.

How do I know if I qualify to purchase a below-market-price home?

To qualify, your household income will need to be less than 120% of the Area Median Income, an index that measures the midpoint of Gallatin County’s income distribution. AMI changes over time but it is likely that qualifying buyers will need to have gross household incomes under $110,000. Qualifying also will depend upon these factors:

  • The number of people in your household.
  • The size of home you are interested in and its related purchase price.
  • Qualifying for a traditional loan through a lender.

Are you taking reservations?

Not at this time. We will let you know immediately when there are steps you can take. You may sign up here to receive our updates. In between updates, the latest information, news and videos about Bridger View will always be available on our News page.

What are the prices of the homes being built at Bridger View?

We have not established prices yet because construction costs and other factors continue to change, and the first group of homes will not be for sale until Spring 2022. When prices are set, we will post them on this website and in updates that you can sign up for here.

Interested in owning a home at Bridger View?