Let there be color

Mar 11, 2022

Bridger View winter on-site

Siding, decks, and other exterior finishes are the newest stages of construction turning heads at the budding Bridger View neighborhood next to Story Mill Park. Throughout the winter, commuters, park-goers, and Path-to-the-M users have watched as elegant roof lines have topped homes of different sizes. Now, they’re seeing even greater variation from one lot to the next as color packages and deck designs provide a sneak preview of the neighborhood’s ultimate appearance.

Bridger View winter on-site

All stages of exterior and interior work are accelerating as Spring approaches—from concrete pouring and framing to mechanical and electrical installation to floors, cabinets, countertops, and painting. On the average day, 75 to 85 workers are pouring their talents into construction of the neighborhood designed to advance sustainability, neighbors of different incomes and backgrounds mixing and knowing one another, and home-ownership options for working residents.

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