Site Plan

This mixed income, modern neighborhood provides permanent ownership opportunities for middle-income residents. This compact development of sustainably-built homes with shared open spaces is located directly adjacent to the new Story Mill Community Park.


The Bridger View team worked closely with EVOLVE, a site planning firm out of Pennsylvania with a deep experience in compact, sustainable developments. By linking EVOLVE with our local architecture firm Comma Q, we’ve been able to create a neighborhood that utilizes both private and shared outdoor space, smaller streets to invite walking and biking, and combining bulky services such as trash, recycling, and parking.


Innovative Model

  • Compact neighborhood design
  • Modest, efficient homes (simple forms and smaller square footage = less expensive to construct)
  • Smaller roads (less expensive to build)
  • Shared parking/common spaces (optimizes site = lower land costs per unit)
  • 50% of the homes will be sold at market rate, utilizing any profits from those sales to help cover the capital gap on the below market homes
  • Mission Driven developers (no high developer fee or profit driven motives)