Off and Running

May 14, 2021

Our April 19 groundbreaking is already a distant memory. See how the Bridger View neighborhood site is transforming!

“It’s just so cool to see so many major players in our community get behind this.”

Path to the M

The Bridger View Team sincerely thanks walkers, bicyclists, and joggers for your patience while a short section of the Path to the M was closed for utility work. The popular path has reopened! Crews installed major water and sewer lines beneath the paved route. To facilitate an immediate reopening, workers have recompacted the work area and laid a temporary asphalt path. There will be occasional, shorter disruptions during the next two months to allow installation of electrical utilities. A detour through Story Mill Community Park will be available during that work, as well. The Path to the M in front of our site will be permanently repaved this summer.


Bridger View is a values-driven project. The initial weeks of construction have showcased that one of its core values is using resources thoughtfully to protect Bozeman’s environment and quality of life. Mature trees lining the Path to the M and Bridger Drive are being preserved. Concrete and asphalt previously in place on the site have been crushed and ground up and are being recycled as ideal material for contouring the neighborhood site. Passersby can see advanced controls being constructed to handle stormwater runoff. As more of Bozeman becomes paved, polluted stormwater threatens water quality in streams and wetlands. All stormwater at Bridger View, however, is being filtered on site so it will not run on the surface to nearby waterbodies.

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